About the data

The Jungle Rhythms project retrieved data of >30k site years of observations. Of all those data, currently 409 species are retained which could be properly attributed through the the Plant List.

This dataset currently represents 3432 site years, while omitting years with no observations. Arguably, these “observationless” years are data. However, reasons and timing of abandoning observations have yet to be quantified. Hence, these years can not be formally included in any analysis as of yet. In this subset each species has an average of 8 site years of available data (across all individuals). On average, each species is represented by 2 individuals.

On the visualization page you find summary graphs of the currently screened data. Note that this is a first pass at the processing and not extensive quality control has been executed at this point. In addition to summary statistics such as number of individuals observed and number of site years recorded I provide the basal area for those species present in recent forest census efforts in and around Yangambi (http://www.forestplots.net/).