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Resolving the mystery of the crosshatched lines
semi-deciduousness confirmed... Read More ›

Redesign of the Jungle Rhythms webpage
visualizing the first data... Read More ›

Finalizing Jungle Rhythms processing
Jungle Rhythms made it into The Guardian
CitSci Jungle Rhythms project finished!
Tree mortality: common causes and preliminary statistics
Jungle Rhythms: time series accuracy and analysis
Jungle Rhythms user statistics: location
Jungle Rhythms: keeping score
Jungle Rhythms pre-processing
Processing Jungle Rhythms data: intermediate results
Processing Jungle Rhythms data: coordinate transformations and line intersections
Jungle Rhythms user statistics
Why Jungle Rhythms’ pages are yellow
Scraping Zooniverse statistics
Jungle Rhythms Statistics
Jungle Rhythms Launch
Jungle Rhythms: beta trial – first analysis
Jungle Rhythms: beta trial